Healthcare Data Security

Overcome HIPAA security challenges

Safely collect and manage patient information with Formstack’s HIPAA-supporting data security solutions.

Protect your organization

Data breaches are an all-too-common occurrence today. With a HIPAA-supporting solution like Formstack, you can automate workflows, improve productivity, and better meet patient needs without sacrificing security.

Secure patient data

Formstack’s data security tools can help you collect, store, and manage data while maintaining your peace of mind.
Compliant workflows
Compliant workflows

Use digital forms, documents, and eSignatures to create workflows for intake, referrals, and more.

Data encryption
Data encryption

Formstack helps protect collected data by encrypting your information during transit and at rest.

User-level permissions
User-level permissions

Set permissions for staff individually, or save time by assigning permission levels to entire groups at once.

Compliant workflows
Audit logging

Easily track when staff members log in and out of your system. Inactive users will be logged out automatically.

Security maintenance
Security maintenance

We have a dedicated team that is ready to respond quickly should your account ever be targeted.

Business associate agreements
Business associate agreements

We provide a standard BAA for all accounts and evaluate custom BAA requests on a case-by-case basis.


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