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Transform your patient registration process

It’s time to eliminate paper from patient onboarding. Boost productivity and enhance care with Formstack.

Make a good impression

Patients today expect convenience. Formstack can help you meet those expectations with a seamless patient onboarding process powered by digital forms, documents, and signatures. No paperwork needed.

Create a seamless experience

With our easy-to-use patient onboarding tools, you’ll save time, better meet patient needs, and improve retention.
Paperless data collection
Paperless data collection

Collect patient registrations with beautifully branded online forms that can be completed anywhere on any device.

Seamless document creation
Seamless document creation

Use the data you collect to generate personalized onboarding documents and deliver them to patients.

Quick eSignature collection
Quick eSignature collection

Let patients sign record releases, agreements, and other documents on their mobile phone, tablet, or computer.

Paperless data collection
Secure data sharing

Use intuitive routing and logic tools to safely share information across people and departments.

Patient acquisition
Patient acquisition

Find opportunities to improve the patient experience with CRO tools that make it easy to pull insights from submissions.

HIPAA compliance
HIPAA compliance

Our forms, documents, and eSignatures are HIPAA compliant so you can collect and manage patient data safely.

Improve your patient onboarding process

The patient registration process doesn't have to be complicated and time-consuming. With the right tools, you can provide patients with a quick and simple onboarding process that doesn't include any paperwork or frustrating fillable PDFs.

A patient fills out mobile-friendly medical forms on their care provider’s website. Collected information such as demographics, medical history, and insurance details saves time for the hospital’s busy front office staff and provides the patient with a quick check-in process.


The patient's information is automatically sent to front office staff, the billing department, doctors, intake specialists, and other care providers via email to help staff prepare for the patient's first visit. An insurance verification form is used to create a workflow that lets staff easily add insurance details once the patient's data has been processed.


The patient uses an iPad at the front desk to check-in for their first appointment. They are asked to verify their information on file and electronically sign once their information is confirmed. To process their co-pay, a staff member collects the patient’s details on another form that includes a HIPAA compliant payment integration.


At the end of the appointment, the care provider submits all required forms on a tablet that automatically generates and sends the patient their care plan documents. The patient quickly books their next appointment at check-out and automatically receives a calendar reminder.


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