Student Feedback Form Template

Use this customizable template to collect student input and discover new ways to improve your course offerings.

Simplify your workflows

Collecting feedback is essential to improving the learning experience at your university. But due to poorly written questions and clunky survey designs, getting useful input from students can be a challenge. This customizable student feedback form can help you collect the course critique you need without the hassle of traditional (and often outdated) feedback surveys. Sections for course details and instructor feedback are included to make it easy for students to share their thoughts. Try our student feedback form template for free!

Easily customize your form

Add your university logo and colors to this feedback form to make it feel familiar to students. The Theme Editor can help you include these elements and tweak other aspects of your template, including fonts, spacing, buttons, and messaging. Since no coding or CSS is required, there's no need to worry about asking your IT department for help.

Collect feedback on mobile

Students are busy, especially near the end of term when course evaluations are usually sent out. This student feedback form template looks great on any mobile device or tablet so you can reach students anywhere. Sharing is also easy! Just embed the form on your university website or email it out to students for completion.

Track completion rates

Getting good feedback is one thing, but making sure students actually complete your student feedback form is an entirely different problem. Make sure students don't forget to fill out your form by sending them regular email reminders with the Portals tool. Portals can help you set up a hub for course critiques and easily track completion rates.

Put your data to work

Once you collect your data, you can dive into your form's analytics to identify key trends and monitor changes in student satisfaction over time. Present these findings to professors and faculty in beautiful, presentation-ready graphs and charts, or export them to other apps for deeper analysis via dozens of integrations.

Formstack saves us tons of time on data entry and analysis and makes it simple for us to see, use, and share data across departments.
Lindsay Anderson
Project Manager at National Geographic Society

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