Reimagine the way you work with Workflows

Create dynamic workflow processes that help you stay organized while powering your business.

Streamline repetitive processes

Workflows combines an intuitive online form builder with flexible workflow automation tools to give you a seamless way to manage company processes. Let multiple people in your organization collect, review, and edit information on a single form.

Create flexible, digital workflows

This Formstack Forms feature lets you build workflows that are as fluid and versatile as your team.

Create automated workflows in minutes that flow across departments and help you quickly complete repetitive tasks.


Assign sections of your workflow to different team members depending on what you want them to review and edit.


Track the progress of your workflows from start to finish and time each step to identify communication bottlenecks.


Use Workflow Logic to send forms back for corrections and define rules that skip steps or complete the workflow entirely.


Add Participant Users who can participate in your workflow without counting against your Standard User account limits.


Use your personalized Workspace to keep assigned tasks organized and reduce the time it takes to complete a workflow.

How It Works

Set up automated workflows in minutes

Step 1: Create your workflow form in the builder, separating key steps of the workflow into different sections.

Step 2: Map your digital process using the form’s workflow editor, which provides routing options for each step.

Step 3: Publish your workflow, and share the form with those responsible for kicking off the process.

To learn more about Workflows, check out this webinar.

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